Timothy Lux

Senior ColdFusion Developer & Web Application Architect

I am Director of Development, a Senior Developer, and Web Application Architect @ MemberCentral.com

I am passionate about ColdFusion and MS SQL Server development. I have a strong work ethic with a focus on building well-done, efficient web applications. I thrive in a work setting that not only encourages excellence but provides a healthy and supportive environment that makes achieving goals possible. I care about the projects I work on. I give a lot of myself to my work and I'm proud of what I accomplish. But don't take my word for it... hire me and you'll see!

Personal Information

San Diego/Los Angeles Area
Fun Facts
  • Received highest score of all Adobe MAX conference attendees on the ColdFusion MX Developer Certification Exam.
  • Completed a 60-day, 16,000-mile journey to all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.
  • Author, The Road Home, based on the experience
  • Owned a bakery and café from 2007-2012.


2005 - now

Director of Development @ MemberCentral

Responsible for architecting and maintaining all ColdFusion applications for the company, reporting directly to the CTO and President.

Led a team of 5 senior level developers including 3 remote developers.

Responsibilities also included the typical "whatever it takes" approach, including desktop and server hardware/software support, front side web development, custom form generation, wiring the office for new Cat-5 drops, and feeding punch panels and switches.

TrialSmith primarily served as a document repository of over 500,000 searchable and purchasable legal depositions as well as over 5.5 million searchable listserv e-mail messages targeting every major trial lawyer association in the United States and Canada. In addition to building and supporting the systems needed for this endeavor, TrialSmith also hosted custom websites for most of these associations, allowing our applications to deploy across the entire platform and be available to each association in a customized and efficient way.

Applications included typical portal modules such as calendars, member directories, event registration, and job posting modules; I was also responsible for creating and maintaining dozens of internal administration tools used for accounting, reporting, site management, member management, and document management.

SeminarWeb is TrialSmith's online distance learning solution, a completely custom built distance learning catalog, registration system, and content delivery application. This application uses Flash and ActionScript to deliver and stream secure content and exams to course takers, reporting back to the server progress and user activity for detailed auditing.

MemberCentral is TrialSmith's venture into associations outside the Trial Lawyer Association world, and was a complete built-from-scratch website platform with a revamped Content Management System (CMS), Association Management System (AMS), Accounts Receivable, event registration system, custom store application, and dozens upon dozens of applications and features built on the ColdBox framework. The platform gives associations detailed control of their website, its content, and their members' information and activity. It included heavy use of ColdFusion, MongoDB, and SQL Server CTEs, functions, procedures, and jobs. The platform also supported responsive design using Bootstrap.

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Web Development Manager @ Material Supply, Inc.

Responsible for architecting the web development and production server environments, establishing standard coding guidelines using ColdFusion 7 and SQL 2000, and developing applications that supplement the company's current manufacturing requirements while streamlining key processes to reduce labor percentages and production errors.

High usage of ColdFusion 7 functionality, including CFCs, the Application.cfc framework, LDAP authentication, Flash Forms, as well as other web technologies including CSS, DHTML, Ajax, Actionscript, and object oriented Javascript techniques.

The biggest application developed for MSI HVAC was a Web Order Entry Flash application that uses XML to communicate to legacy backend systems. This system continues to save the company over $200,000 a year in labor costs from having to key in orders by hand.

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1998 - 2005

Web Developer @ esri

Web Developer, Information Services (2001-2005)

Manager, ESRI Virtual Campus, Education Products (1999-2001)

Web Designer/Developer, Education Products (1998-1999)

Developed internal and external web applications using ColdFusion 3.1 to MX. Applications used Fusebox methodology, SQL Server, SQL stored procedures, application and database caching, client variables, and CFCs.

Performed stress tests and QA applications for server stability, known vulnerabilities, and application integrity. I was the lead programmer in an effort to establish ColdFusion Coding Standards in the company.

Also responsible for server maintenance and IIS web log reports using WebTrends and custom batch files. Applied patches and updates to the servers as needed.

As the manager of the ESRI Virtual Campus, I was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the ESRI Virtual Campus (campus.esri.com - taken offline in 2008), designing and developing enhancements and additions, managing a team of programmers and administrative staff, and maintaining the server software needed for the Campus and other Information Services applications.

Also was responsible and/or involved in:

  • Dozens of internal applications used by the company, including a Deployment Request system for handling code deployments from tier to tier, a Service Request tracking system for managing incoming service requests and their status, and an asset management system used by system administrators to track hardware and software assets in the company.
  • Optimized code for an electronic timecard system using SQL 2000 and CF 5.0, used by all ESRI employees to enter timesheets and report on cost centers.
  • Creation of a quiz and survey engine, used to deliver customized surveys pre-set templates or XML.
  • Creation of a Customer Response System, an internal administration tool for handling incoming email, phone calls, and issues. Developed into a fully customizable product distributed to other departments in the company.
  • Creation of web-based administration tools used to update and track student accounts on the Virtual Campus, generate various reports, and facilitate optimal management for the Campus database.
  • Creation of the Virtual Campus 2000, a complete rebuild of the Virtual Campus, built from scratch, using ColdFusion 4.5, SQL stored procedures, SQL 7, Windows 2000, and a one-person staff. The e-learning website had over 2000 pages and seven databases totaling over 1.5 GB.

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1992 - 1998

Radio Personality @ Clear Channel Communications

On-Air Radio Personality (1995-1998)

Radio Board Operator / Sports Reporter (1993-1995)

Radio Talk Show Producer / Screener (1992-1993)

Responsibilities included: host nighttime request and dedication program; on-call whenever needed to fill in during other shifts; made scheduled promotional appearances around the city; produce talk shows and board op nationally fed talk shows and sporting events; produce and dub commercials as needed; and train others in all areas of daily responsibilities.

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Grand Valley State University (GVSU)

Allendale, Michigan

BS in Broadcasting and Microcomputer Applications

GPA: 3.9/4.0, Magna cum laude, Honors Program


University of Missouri-Columbia

Columbia, Missouri

GPA: 3.8/4.0, Honors Program



Certified Advanced Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Developer
Macromedia Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer
Macromedia Certified Website Developer


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